Management Print Services

You might be surprised at how many ways Managed Print Services (MPS) can improve your business. While cost is often the main driver for exploring MPS, its value can touch many other areas of your enterprise. You won’t know how much until you have an MPS assessment. That’s the first step in learning where and how MPS can transform your document environment.

Have a look at this list and see how many challenges apply to your organization. You can gain valuable insights and guidance from an MPS assessment if you struggle with:

Cost-based Drivers

1. Escalating costs of existing print infrastructure

2. Pressure to reduce business costs in general

3. Increase spend predictability

4. Cost reduction mandates to reduce print spend specifically

5. balancing operating expense versus capital spend

6. Identifying hidden costs of equipment, archiving and business processes

7. Pressure to improve revenue and margins

Governance Issues

8. Lack of understanding of existing print infrastructure

9. No ability to track and measure print environment

10. Managing large population of unconnected output devices

11. Managing Multi-vendor environment with multiple supplier contracts

12. High concentration of desktop devices

13. Current MPS contract ending in 12-18 months

14. Struggling to meet sustainability goals